Latest offering from Metzeler

Metzelers new Sportec M5 Interact Tyre:D

lol, nice!
(doubt I’d get past 1 though :()

They should have a 6 on the edge with a picture of a crashed bike :stuck_out_tongue:

So what does the little elephant stand for ??

Thats Metzelers emblem.

I would kill that little Elephant :slight_smile:

Thats the fun bit Mark:P Bit like the Michelin man :wink:

So the elephant doesnt squish cos of the weight of the person on the bike then :smiley:

i like killing michelin men:D

Nope…I can vouch for that…I had M1s when I bought the bike, so had another set afterwards…I’m now on Z6s and for a touring tyre they’re damn fine! :smiley:

PJ, that’s a class set of tyres, you, and everyone else, can now easily see how rubbish you (the royal you) are.

And for all of those geeks out there, they can bore everyone to death talking about lean angles and the like!

Was just about to say, for touring… yup.
For riding, they are pants, the amount of times I’ve had to collect skids, cos even after 23 hours riding, the damm tyres hadn’t warmed up at all… its pathetic. Although maybe I should thank Metzler, cos their rubbish tyres are teaching me how to power slide if nothin else :slight_smile:

blimey even this fat old bloater gets past number 5 on my lardy old 'Bird…not too shabby on the bike either :D:D:D:D

It means, if you see an Elephant in the road, slow to a stop :hehe:

OI OI…who rattled your cage! :smiley:

Don’t worry about Rich Jools, his bark is way worse than his bite:P

He’s just green he can’t get past number 2:w00t:

love it!!

I wish I could get to 1, let alone anywhere near 2!

Thank god they’re too expensive and don’t make them in sizes to fit my bike.

It would be so embarassing to still have the number 2 readable after they’d been on for a few months of decent weather.

What’s funny is that it’ll encourage people to lean their bike over and crash it! lmao

Mark, I thought you’d go for the Metzeler writing on the wall… past the elephant! :hehe: