Late start bimble to southend, tomorrow Monday 28/3/16

Leaving High Beech Tea Hut 11:30 (well after the ‘proper’ shakedown ride leaves at 10:30) to take a wiggley route to southend.

Route TBC, but we shoud miss most of the rain.

Cornerman system will be used if enough people, and please arrive with full tanks.

If my back is better I’ll be along
Don’t sopose your going close to Maldon ?
Seems a waste me having to get up early when I live half way there

WTG Boris head out to Buttsbury Wash, The Hanningfields, Danbury (public toilet and Esso Garage), Maldon, Burnham Bends, Canewdon, Rochford, Great Wakering and enter Southend by the back door!

More or less the same route as last four years with an added comfort/fuel stop at Danbury.

thanks NT, we’ll basically be following that route, leaving from high beech tea hut at 11:30 now (not going to the ace anymore).

Wheres best along that route for you wise?

ill either be on a red SV1000s, or if im feeling brave DRZ400s with G.I. Jose on the mudguard.

Best for Wise will be the Danbury fuel stop, just as the route hits the A414.

I’ll be there on someone else’s white Tiger 800.

I’m out
It’s blowing a gale here and pissing it down heavy here in Maldon but good luck all

a group of us in Southend now  (missed you guys at Beech tea hut). Give us a shout if you guys wanted

Actually turned put to be fairly decent weather! Good to meet you Ryan. Compulsory pic below



Go steady on way back. Heavy rain and hail in South London at the moment.

We had a look at The Buttsbury Wash and…

…it was in flood, the depth gauge was showing almost 4’



Looked much less crowded than previous years but a bright enough day by this account

Yeah, the ford was blocked when we got to it. We helped push that out then went home to dry out in front of last week’s GP.



There’s always one, check the depth gauge before dipping the toes

Probably figured he had a snorkel, he’d be ok.

You need snorkels both ends when its that deep and most importantly the air intake snorkel needs to proper sealed, it takes so little water to ruin the day. I hope for his sake its electrical. If its mechanical, as in hydro locked, that’ll be a replacement engine he’ll be on the look out for.

Yeah, apparently defenders have all the electrics in a nice waterproof bucket under the seat, so as soon as the water’s above that level, it fills up and the thing conks out. He said that the guys who are more properly into it seal that up.

If I was a gambling man I’d wager it would have taken him less time to seal that up than it did for him to explain the fix to you.

Haha, yeah, I’m not really sure why however many decades into manufacturing it that’s not a problem Land Rover solved themselves, though.