Late call- Tuesday 22nd evening gentle Kent ride

If anyone wants to make the most of our good weather and light evenings, I’m heading out towards Westerham and Tunbridge Wells tomorrow evening at around 7pm (from Bromley).

Nothing mega fast, it’s my girlfriend’s first pillion after winter.

Let me know if you fancy-should be a good start to summer!

Sounds good unfortunately my leg still hurts from my last week tumble. But South East/East London is my sort of area so if you accept slow 125 riders I would join you some time :slight_smile:

Should probably say I’m in :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Ok George, hope your leg heals well and see you out soon.

Me and my bird might be up for this. Whereabouts u leaving from?? I’m near Biggin Hill :slight_smile:

Leaving Bromley Common, probably through Biggin Hill to Westerham. Be at Biggin Hill about 7.15 to 7.20 I reckon.

Hey guys,

i’d like to join but don’t know anybody personaly and never been on a ride other than with my mates. It’s 50 min for me to bromley common so please let me know



No need to know everybody- same for me- you’re very welcome to join us Erik. We will be out for a few hours, as long as its worth your 50 minute journey. I will PM you my number.

Well I’ve spoken to the mrs and she’s up for this too, so we’re in. If you guys are meeting at Bromley common we might as well meet you there?? Whereabout u gonna meet and at what time? I know the Macdonalds :wink: lol

it’s 7pm. Ben. Don’t know where exactly yeat

McDonalds it is! See you there. We will leave there around 7.15pm. I’m on a black GSXR750 with a white helmet

I’ll aim to get there for 7pm then. We’re on a black 1250 bandit. :smiley:

Great ride guys. Really enjoyed it. Thanks and hope to do it again

Good meeting you all and good to clear the cobwebs mid week too :smiley:
Defo up for some more.

Cheers for a good ride guys - I’d be up for that again! :w00t:

Some really nice roads, and good company too. :slight_smile: