Late Call -- Box Hill Monday 29/04

Looks like I should be able to get out of work around 4ish, I’m working 30 seconds from Ryka’s Cafe :-). So – anyone interested in a bit of a ride?

I’m planning to head from Box down to Beare Green, turn into the Ockley Road B2127 up to Cranleigh, then the B2130 up to Godalming, then from there it’ll depend on who turns up; maybe to the H Cafe for Monday night bike night? I live near the Ace so I’ll definitely head there at the very end, but happy to point people in the right direction for them to go home.

Sign up by replying here please, I’ll PM my mobile number to anyone who wants to come.


Either way you do it, the B2126 from the A25 to the A24 (or vice versa) is a very nice little road :slight_smile: The best part is from Forest Green to Abinger Hammer…

But if you have a bit more time to play, head down to South Downs National Park :slight_smile:

The B2126 is the Ockley Road :-). I’d cut off to Cranleigh just because I want the run to Goldaming, but I do like the 2126 up to the A25 too.

So, no takers yet? Am I riding by myself?

If you’re only interested in a small run, you could also come back up White Down Ln. It’s not a wide road but on a SM I had great fun :smiley:

Then you could take the Ranmore Common Road back to Dorking…

At least that’s a possible route home if you want to get lost in countryside :slight_smile:

Woot! Free even earlier! Now heading to Box, anyone wanna come ride?

Now sitting alone at Box Hill planning a route and drinking coffee. Will be out of here in 10 unless I get a reply here :slight_smile:

Darn it, just shaping up to get out of work and may have just made box hill by 4. never mind, have a nice ride.

Doh! …not much to do here, so waiting an hour not fun. Am going to head out to Goldaming. Where do you work/live? I’ll pm my number, send an SMS and maybe we meet up to ride more (Ill do a loop and check messages)…

Wonderful little ride! West out to Goldaming, then north-west a little bit on some random small roads. It then started raining on me so I found the A3 and headed back into London, into Richmond Park (Robin Hood gate was closed so I went in via Roehampton), through the park to Richmond then around Kew and home.

Dave – next time :slight_smile: