Last Tango in Paris

The Wild Ones Ride East: SUNDAY 22 NOV All will be revealed with what you should do with your knob when we arrive at the esteemed destination - not Paris, but in Essex really.

Maria may or may not be there, if she isn’t we’ll all have a nice cream tea and we can promise Essex girls aplenty.

Sorry but no 125s, Bell Hueys, etc

This will be a fast ride for sophisticated cream tea afficianados. Don’t come if you don’t like jam.

Leaving the Ace 9.30 rain or shine, come fuelled up. Ride at own risk


Whoops, Sunday the 22 nd November (this weekend!)

Are you the Jets? lol

If so, pm me with details of your rideout please!

Will there be fizzy orange drinks?


You don’t need a PM - just turn up on Sunday. (We are Janus):wink:

We were looking forward to a nice cup of tea with the scones, but I am sure you will be able to buy Fanta if you fancy it :wink:

Newly crashed bike is having a replacement clutch fitted on Saturday - might leave it with the garage - dependent on the quote for new fairings / bobbins etc.

Forecast rain on Sunday - defo keeping off the roads in the wet for the foreseeable future after last Sunday…- 50:50 chance at best.

PM sent

Will be nursing a hangover this weekend…but really looking forward to meeting you new folk soon. :stuck_out_tongue:

up for this:)

Great! See you Sunday morning;)

:slight_smile: It takes two to tango - ‘Janus’ is two?

Can Maria tell ‘stork’ from butter?

Yes, Janus is two (see two faces in picture, looking forwards and back).

No Stork where we’re going:D

Will ‘Flora’ or ‘Marge’ be there?

I’m keen if it’s sunny.

Which way you heading? is there somewhere we can meet? (you know where we are):Pweather permitting;) not loookin to bad:cool:Sun 22 Nov0:002:598 °c5 °c00.6 mm95 %16 mph20 mph3:005:598 °c5 °c00.6 mm72 %18 mph21 mph6:008:598 °c5 °c01.1 mm100 %16 mph20 mph9:0011:5910 °c6 °c01.5 mm99 %19 mph22 mph12:0014:599 °c4 °c00.9 mm100 %22 mph26 mph15:0017:599 °c3 °c03.8 mm100 %25 mph30 mph18:0020:598 °c5 °c04.5 mm100 %25 mph31 mph21:0023:598 °c6 °c05.9 mm99 %24 mph28 mph

Guys - going to bail - bike is at the garage as they need to get a part in - so will be off road until the middle of the week :crazy:

Enjoy your rideout and hope to join one soon.

Sorry to hear that Nick, hope to see you next weekend, thankfully the weather looks fine for the direction we’re going in, so we’ll have a cup of tea for you when we get there. :slight_smile: