Last Summers Euro Trip

I eventually got round to writting up the diary of my trip through the Alps last summer.

It’s just lacking a few pictures for the last two days, which I hope to finish off tonight.

I’d appreciate some feedback as it’s the first time I’ve done this sort of thing on.


Nicely polished account m8. Brilliant piece of work.

Have done a couple of those roads myself and cant wait to do again this year.

Very good write-up Jelster, I like the way you broke it up. Shame about your mates trumpet, bloody hell! Looks like you had a great trip and rode some great roads. Got any more trips planned?

Nice one mate! I covered some of those roads last year when I was in Grenoble for 4 days. It’s a great run from there out to Briancon and back via Gap. And the Bernard pass - did you see the statue at the top?

A nice reminder, cheers.

What a great trip! Feeling rather inspired now

Jay, to answer your question, I probably will go again this year and do something similar. If you’d like me to work with you to organise an LB trip, PM me and we can get things started.


Enjoyed the read, Steve! I’m up for a trip to the continent, as long as we stick to below 50mph…

Nice write up and pics mate.

I’m looking forward to the Spanish Pyrenees again this summer. My fave place to ride (on a road).

Only downside being, after 10 days of perfect twisty tarmac, with hardly any cars, riding here sucks even more!

Yeah, I’d have to agree with you there… As you turn up in the ferry terminal you really do get that “sinking” feeling, knowing it’s all over for another year…

Great trip! I’ve been in some of those roads and it was great!

Great write up Jelster, was a realy good read.

Makes me miss my France trip even more, well going to have to plan one for this year now.

P.s. What GPS were you using?

I’ve got a Navman ICN510, one guy has a Garmin Quest, another a GPSMap 60c and one had Tom Tom on his PDA


Gotta do Andorra again this year now. Best road have ever been on.

Coasted from top for ten miles, knee down on most corners. Now thats throttle control.

Got it all on film, is awesome.

Cheers Jelster, is the TomTom the normal one or is it the TomTom Rider version?

Which way from the top? Back towards Andorra (Spainish end), or towards the French border?

Just normal TT software running on his PDA, with a bluetooth linked GPS receiver.

Hiya m8.

Into Andorra la vella from the top. Was highlite of the 11 day trip I organised in 02.

16 degrees, clear sky’s no traffic. used engine power to 20mph then shifted into neutral and killed engine. You can reach speeds of 60mph, a little dab on the brake then turn in nice n gently n ur knee scrapes no prob.

You can use the momentum to pick the bike back up then slowly pick up speed for the next one. Is amazing how smooth ur riding gets with no power. Could have gone further but there was roadworks at the 10 mile mark so had to stop for them. I reckon you could coast 20 miles if you knew the road well enuff n there was no traffic. Almost 40 degrees in the town when we got there.

Have gotta try post up the film when I get time.