Last one home's a nimcompoop!

Just got in, good to see you all as per usual

Nice bike Abbey

Trojan, cool to see you in your gear Shame we were just leaving!

Had a nice blast back with Tha Nutz, (I think?)

See you next week


I’m home! I’m home! lol

im home, not me

Home, Bike all locked and covered,

Ive changed and been back out again for the Mornings Fags and Papers so all set for work.

Great turn out and good to see the new faces too. !!


I am home too

I’ve just got in from my blat out of london (I went on a 100mile detour). I’ll try an be more sociable next time, I guess that was Jay and co at the lights as I left. Nice to have meet you flat, on the lookout for a set of crash bungs that affix to the frame as they look like they offer a fair amount of protection along with the engine bungs. Where did you say you got for yours from again?

last one back buys me a bottle of Sol
Cheers LittleMissRoadRage

Oxford’s a fair trek!

Man, what a busy night! Great turn-out eh! I needed to have an early night though, I have a lot of work to here. Sorry we didn’t get to meet you CBRDan, but yeah, probably us at the lights! Met up with some random R1 rider as well near Chelsea/Olympia and had a good little ding-dong to Hammersmith Flyover (love that bit!).

Was great to see so many new faces, and guests such as the Supermoto boys who frequent visordown. Love the SM’s!

I got silver paint on me whilst climbing up on the big box to get better snaps, bleh. Need to find some white-spirit to clean the camera in a minute, and sort out my ‘sticky stuff on hands’ problem

“and sort out my ‘sticky stuff on hands’ problem”

Jay, you have left yourself wide open to so much with the above quote !!

Wig … It did provide the boys in my car with a laugh … we turn up and everyone drives off ! Was it something I said ?? It was the fancy dress wasn’t it !

i heard that sombody yelled…’‘the strippers are here!!!’’…lol

sorry mate…you in ur stripping gear…jay with harry monk all over his mits…

all abit glad i was late tonight…lol


If somebody wanted to see me strip then they’d be in need of serious help !

I didn’t want to suggest what it was on Jays hands … there must be a story to it !

Nice to meet some people last night - great turn out - left a bit early to feed the pup so missed the massed departure

But hey at least I got fed - thanks Jay! Abbey the hornet is lovely - top colour.

So! I’m now in the market for some LEDs thanks to Barro…

All those fast bikes - I’m starting to crave the buzz of a KTM Adv…

Well I pulled off the M40 from behind little miss road rage at about 11.15, but at the speed she was travelling I can’t believe it took much longer for her to get back.

Good to meet a lot of you last night and congrats Trojan on definitely the most serious piece of kit I saw all night!

Yeah we didn’t hang around! Bit of kanakazi filtering to get past the car/taxi/kids on BMX with no lights I decided to follow all the way back via A3, which is the long way. Really it is quicker to go right towards Putney then Richmond next time. Still that zorst of was sounding nice.

Not me mate…i wont be around till june as got exam atm…then il be there very week!!

Hope 2 see u then

I thought you’d gone to see someone about that Jay!

Looks like the drinks are on me then. Got home at 12.30 ish…

Ok moneys behind the bar help yourselves

It was good to finally make it to Waterloo and put some faces to usernames! Thanks to those who i met at the ace and followed down, and thanks to those who i followed back on what seemed the tourist route of the London hotspots! And also thanks to Foxy for makin me join in the conversations and introuducing me to people as im a tad shy!! Cant wait to do it again

aah, it was Nuts, not thaNutz !

Anyway good to have a chaperone on the way home, sorry if I took you too far off route :o