Last nights ride in the sun

Well as yesterday was so nice it was just rude to not get the bike out and have some fun. So me and michael544 went out towards crayford/dartford and on route deciced to beat my demon of chickening out since my last off and go for knee down a year on.

Safe to say i fuggin love pilot powers on the sv and couldnt help going back to the roundabout for some action (not like that!)


cheers for the invite, right in our back yard too, its a disgrace!!! :D:D

We was riding near your then headed back. Next time we can head out somewhere from dartford

sweet, should come KD the lanes;)

I was back on the originally planned V-twin circuit I’d thought of on Sunday…maybe there is another demon to face…:smiley:

Yeah why not ive missed that route its been two years let me know

You’re getting there…

Hopefully they will look like this one day…:smiley: