Last Nights meet

Good morning to you all. It was so nice to see all and all on top form too, bikes looking good and some very friendly faces. I said hello to lots of guys but spent most of my night hiding from ginger!

I came to the meet straight from work in my AMBULANCE, mmmm yup that was me. I think the green overalls got Ginge exited.

Love ya Ginge next time ill just give you my badge ok!

Well guys have a great day and safe riding.

yeah it was great and I promise not to wear a shirt and tie next week. Or drink several pints of beer while everyone else stays sober. hehe

Off to get the 7r from the garage now, and get some miles in at last

mmmm very nice, well off to trake a parcel from Demon Tweeks. Its been over 2 weeks.

Well take care on that bike, have a good day.x

Honest sir the dog ate my home work…

No worries Andrew were you filming something for the Open University?

Na he still needs patches on the elbows of the OU but I reckon he could get away with being a collage lecturer - that mole skin was nice!

Fantastic night guys - really good to catch up with people and have a laugh.


The meet was good, it seems like a great place as well. Bike friendly bars and food stalls always helps. You didn’t need a mortgage to get a round in at this one!

Good to see people again.

You’ll have to show me the bandit mate - need to see the pegs or lack of them that is!

I too enjoyed last night. Was lovely to see some old and new faces.

Was thinking of selling them pegs on fleabay - super heroed bandit pegs!

There was going to be even less after my run home from the meet last night, but my favourite section for scraping had the poxy traffic lights rephased - GITS.

Proabably heard you coming!!!

Thanks for looking after my hubby last night. He had a wonderful time. He met the nice lady from Leamington (sorry forgotten your name! But I have a seive for a brain these days) and he was made to feel soooooooooo welcome. Can’t wait to meet you guys myself one day.

So just to thank you guys for everything and I am sure he’ll be back next week, if only to meet our homebound friend from Norway.

Take care

Kizzy and Doug