Last night I met a sexy bird....

Her name was Daytona, although she preferred the moniker “675”.

I had arranged to meet her at Jack Lilley’s place and spent a great 2 hrs in her company while guys from her place told me all her story.

I kept getting my leg over her, couldn’t help myself really but I did have to share her with 8 others

She looked amazing in a lovely grey coat, very lithe and narrow yet long enough to be spacious and comfortable.

One of her sisters is going racing in the Superstocks series and we’re all gonna chip in to sponser the rider thus getting into hospitality etc…

Unfortunately I didn’t get to turn her on (just sat astride her and made funny noises…) as she wasn’t 100% ‘down below’ if you get my meaning.

All too soon the evening was over, but what a date!!

G’wan, you know you want to, get it! It’s a great bike! Be the first LB’er!

Well I haven’t asked for the deposit back yet… roll on March

now i know your talkin bike’s but i still got tunred on

job done dude!!

DO IT!!! Can’t wait to see it when you get it mate

Gis a go when you get it!