Last night at the Ace...

Well it was great to meet some of you guys last night and I must say Mark Wilsmore (the owner of the Ace) was very nice when he got everyone’s attention and payed a tribute to Ali, inviting everyone there to sign the condolence book, he got a standing ovation from all the people who were there, even those who didn’t know what happened to Ali or knew at all of the accident. Even the police bikers who were mingling in the crowd, gave very sound advices about how to cope in case of an accident with a mate and they did say that the guys who were with Ali at the time did a great job. Its nice to see that police riders are after all human and can be helpful and decent, they want us to keep our skin and they are not there just to give us fines and nick us for loud cans or small plates.

Look forward to the next meet

Have a great weekend