Last night at Cubanna - Photos now live!

very good too! pity about the turn out! but good fun all the same!

loving the new avatar but I do think there is a better pick of you in there! :wink:

haha, some good 'uns although my close up was a bit too close, lol!!

Very nice pics. lovely quality.

It was a shame the last cubana turn out was poor - however- to the lbers that did turn up it was lovely to see you guys.

Picture of the year…

Seeing you guys makes me feel like a baby.

Shame on me, I didn’t make it. The Last Cubana wednesday

Where next?


you didn’t even try to get my best side did you?

Glad I missed the close-ups at least, but I did make an appearance! It’s just not documented

I can vouch for you Keti, I think you were the lady with a slightly greyish face, lol.

(No offence intended but you did look pretty ill!)



That’s priceless, i’ll remember that one.

I got that feeling going to some of the other events.

No Claire either, girl with the yellow Hornet I talked to… What is your LB user name? Remember what we were talking about, check out the blue hugger on the Nest… nudge, nudge

I’m new here…but who is the Asian BABE in the photos!!!

Top quality!!

it was me…i was in disguise