Last minute ride out to Hasting 02/03/2011

Our destination is Hasting, we will be mostly in axx and axxx roads, all guided from our belived google maps, however, if someone has a nice route i most appreciate it.

Only fast pace riders are welcome. Sorry but some of us are kind of impacient. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope to hear some nice hidden roads, if not have a nice saturday ride out.


i take it thats the 2/4/2011…:smiley:

very true, thnks rosso… hehehe :stuck_out_tongue:

would have loved to join but my bike is getting serviced today, if you guys are out tomorrow i can do :frowning:

what a pity, next time!!!

I just assumed it was going to be such a ‘fast paced ride’ they would end up travelling back in time! :smiley:

we made it!! :stuck_out_tongue: