Last minute Finchingfield run this weekend

Just testing the water to see if many are interested in an easy run to Finchingfield this weekend.(22nd or 23rd) Will be an early start and early finish (0830 meet at High Beach, 0900 departure and leave Finchingfield around 1230) will start a proper ride out thread if enough interest is shown

You say you’re leaving finchingfield at 12:30, is that to go home or to carry on?

I haven’t seen you, or Finchingfield for that matter, for ages, but you keep on organising these stupidly early rideouts. I’ll wait until you come to your senses and arrange something for a more civilised time. Who’s leading, btw? :stuck_out_tongue:

I might go this weekend
Sammy bring the pc lead with you

Could be up for it, depends which day

I don’t mind changing the times, I wanted to leave Finchingfield to get home early to watch BSB but if it means more people coming if we do it a bit Later then i’ll just “SKY Plus” it and watch it when i get home.

@Janey, what time would be suitable to get you out? and obviously i WON’T be leading :slight_smile: lol

@Wise, yes no problem, I forgot i had it to be honest, sorry about that. do you want me to pop it in the Post today?

its ok
it just a polite reminder

Ha, that’ll teach me. I can’t make any more excuses when you’re that accommodating, can I? A 9.30-10.00 departure would be good for me, but I don’t expect you to change your plans as you know how fair weather and unreliable I can be!

Big Red - do you fancy joining this and riding over from the ace?

Parent sitting all weekend😥

OK Janey, just for you it will be a 0930 meet at the Tea Hut with a 10am departure towards FF :slight_smile:

Fuck. Im working. I need a good blast on the bike… I was only speaking about a finchy ride last night… its either that or a track day, and right now… my bank account is hating me so finchingfield it is. If you ever fancy doing one on a wed… give me a shout lol

Mr J has given me a day pass, so unless it’s wet and miserable, I’ve run out of excuses for not getting my arsh over to Essexland for once. Do you have a preference for which day yet?

@INK,I would love a Wednesday evening ride out, that would be really cool. But unfortunately my son does Karate on Wednesdays so i can’t commit to a wednesday.

@Janey. Sunday would probably be best for everyone, but personally i would like to do a Saturday ride out one weekend that way it leaves Sunday free to watch the Racing :slight_smile:

I’m off to the Fatherland for the week. A trip I’d love to do on the bike but can’t as it’s a family trip. May get to ride the brother in law’s cruiser.

Actually, the Saturday would be better for me too. Tim’s voiced vague ideas for doing something on the Sunday, so my loyalties might be tested if you do that day as well. But he is used to me being a crap wife and deserting him and going out to play without him by now!

Ah, no Janey, I’m in Wales this weekend. I was wondering about pointing other people in this direction.

Don’t let Sam lead to FF he gets lost!!!

lol. it wasn’t getting lost, it was scouting for new routes :slight_smile:

Of course…I should of known eh??? lol

I could join if it’s Sunday. Got some IAM rides scheduled for Saturday. Early start good for me :slight_smile: I am newbie around here tho!