Last minute drinks........

Fancy getting trashed tonight?? I’m doing drinks in Liverpool street with a few drinks…text me if you have my number…on a bit of self destructive phase:D

Otherwise email me on locations…:stuck_out_tongue:

:Dlove to but im rather far away. not to worry though as I shall be throwing my name away again

she’s pissed already…:smiley:

Ha ha ha, I noticed that too!!!

I would’ve come out with you, even though i don’t think i ever met you, but you’ve got to be a bit more in advance :slight_smile: maybe just a day before, as i live a bit far from Central and getting there is always a mission that i’m just tired to do today.

Yer…was already on my way…few drinks after work…not good…at least I can cope with the hang over now :smiley:

So very pished last night then?

I think me, Jae and Anna need to go drinking together…

that would be messy… then u could all come back to mine for some sexy time :D7

I think it’s a great idea :slight_smile: I also like the fact that you’ve not met me before but would still meet up for drinks…erm or maybe i have met you but forgot, anyways good idea!