Last BRD of the year at Cadwell Park

This year’s 3rd and last Better Riding Day (BRD) run by Hopp Rider Training will be at Cadwell Park on Wednesday 19th September. Cost of this course is still £175. This is due to increase in 2013.

This is not strictly a trackday! It is a cornering school. This is a proven route to achieving a major improvement in your cornering skills!

If you realise that your corner speed, or lack of it, is a serious issue but you are uncomfortable with practising on public roads; or if the fact you are uncomfortable in corners is the issue; or if the instructor who put you through your DAS didn’t actually tell you enough about how to get the bike around a corner so that it is an enjoyable experience for you, rather than a struggle; you will benefit massively from this day.

If you have always wanted to ride on a racetrack but have been put off by the competative element or by the risk of being taken out by a wannabe Valentino; the way these days are organised will ensure your experience on the track will be at your pace, within a group of other riders who also wish to ride at that pace. This system of speed-grouping works for riders anywhere in that speed-spectrum; riders who are comfortable at a faster pace will not be out on track with riders who will interfere with their rythm.

This system has been developed to reduce the need for overtaking (during the morning sessions) as the first four sessions are serious cornering tutotials with one-to-one feedback and tuition from some of the best motorcycle instructors in the country.

The four afternoon sessions are still conducted in speed group order but, after a warm-up lap, free-lapping, with “polite” overtaking is the order of the day. Seriously great fun! The only competetivness that is encouraged is against your own lap times!

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This is the firm that I work for. If you have any questions about this or other courses that HRT offer, please post here, PM me or email Martin or Richard Hopp direct from the link.

I hope to see you there.Keith