Laser Eye Surgery

hows it going everyone? you all kool?

have been considering gettin it done for a while as my vision seems to be gettin, have a problem with white flurecent light (head lights, lamps, tv etc etc)…which when it come to riding a bike could be a problem at night time…has any onehad it done? what did it involve? did it hurt?

I had Lasik done about 3 years ago. I used to be very short sighted but now have 20/20 vision.I’m a bit squeamish about things going in my eyes (contact lenses were a nightmare) but it was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be. It’s a little strange when you have it done, but when they first take off the bandages and half an hour after surgery you can see - it’s amazing.

It’s a bit uncomfortable when they do the procedure, but that’s more to do with trying to look directly ahead and being nervous. It’s not painful.

Afterwards your eyes feel dry and gritty for a couple of weeks, but not much worse than a bad dose of hayfever. I was provided with 2 types of eye drops (the aftercare with Boots was excellent, but they no longer offer the service). You have to wear eye guards (and look like something from The Fly :stuck_out_tongue: ) at night for a week or so (to stop you from accidentally rubbing your eyes whilst your corneas heal) and if you go swimming you have to wear goggles. Contact sports are out of bounds for a while, but otherwise you can do pretty much anything.

The only thing I would be wary of is a clinic who will operate on almost anyone - you need to have fairly thick corneas for the success rate to be high, but if you are suitable… get it done! (check what aftercare is included too, as it varies)

It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made :smiley:

It does depend on your vision defect as to whether it is advisable or even practical. There’s no laser treatment for my astigmastism - it just isn’t within the possible parameters (it’s too little). I still have ~20/18 vision, but choose to wear glasses to get back to near my previous 20/15 or thereabouts. (Staying Imperial for these figures…)

Hi this is really interesting…in Germany they have banned people who have had laser eye treatement from flying due to the damage done to their night vision, the rods are damaged by the laser so spoliling your night vision…is this true…is your night vision still okay…can you still see in the dark…I would have thought that by now they could be more careful and the lasers more accurate but what do you think…


I was thinking of having my eyes beamed for some time. I had a talk with a guy I know who works in designing lasers and he told me NOT to go ahead. :crazy:

He told me that the technology isnt there yet :blik: and that not enough time has gone by to see what long term effects this might have :ermm:

I dont know if this helps or not…(probably not :stuck_out_tongue: )

A friend of mines wife had it done a few years ago and its made her vision perfect.

I got it done in india for 500 pounds last dec and no problems yet. I saw many europeans linned up after me to do the procedure.If bad thing is going to happen it will happen even as you walk out of the house.

Killed two birds with one stone, saw india and done lasik…

I had it done last Feb, I am one of the 0.009% they say it will fail on.

My sight is better and dont have to wear glasses to drive/ride but I am not too happy with the end results.

Think hard before you have it done!

Had mine done 6 years ago in Cape Town South Africa, the guy that did it was a bit more experienced than the english ones, and due to the rand being weak at the time, it cost a quarter of the UK price!

Went from -7 shortsighted to 20/20 and havent had any problems since. THe night vision is slightly affected as you do get halos around the lights, but nothing that would prevent me from riding at night.

Also the benefit is that you are not messing with your eyes all the time by putting in and taking out lenses all the time, my eyes were deteriorating but that has slowed/stopped since the surgery.

Agree with Mad about the procedure, healing and all that, its was exactly the same for me. Weirdest thing was waking up in the middle of the night and having a mild freak out about leaving lenses in becuase you can see perfectly, but other than that, also agree, best money I have ever spent.

My night vision is fine. Freakiest thing is catching yourself pushing your glasses up when they aren’t there… a habit I have now broken, although I do have a thing for sunglasses instead :cool:

Unfortunately no good for me :frowning: So contact lenses it is :wink:

thanks for all the responses so far!

Mr.Busa 55, how come ur not happy with results so far? have u suffered any lasting negative effects? Debz how come its not for you

contacts are a definent no go for me…due to she shape of my eyeballs the normal disposable ones (which are bad enough) cant be used and i would have to use the hard ones (whatever the hell theyre made out of)…

Mr.Keti, really obvious question but how does it affect ur riding? Mr.Panagiotis, you know some one that designs lasers? you think if i bought him a kfc bucket and a pint he would help me incorperate a laser into my dads car alarm? :hehe: :smiley:

No good for Mrs CM so specs for her as she don’t like contacts:w00t:

hahaha! I can have a talk with him!!

ps Keti is a girl :wink:


My mum had it done 3 years ago. 3 years later, £3,000 compensation, 12 free pairs of glasses and 5 further operations her eyesight is now finally back to the level it was BEFORE the operation!! :angry:

lol u can see why i need help with my eyes now innit Miss keti! i meant how was the short sightedness affecting your riding? is it difficutl riding with glasses?Mr.Feilder…that sounds awful!! hope shes okay now though! hmmm me thinks i must interogate the opticians and t’internet for more information


Im thinking of doing this too, but considering that i can sleep in my contacts at night for up to a month, is there any point?

apart from being a few Gs in debt :<