Laser Exhausts

Has anyone had any experience with Laser Exhausts? I’m looking for a new exhaust for my Z1000 and Laser seem to be the only company who keep the original layout with the 4 tailpipes which I want to keep. Does anyone have any idea what they are like with regards build quality and finish?

I’ve heard good things about Laser before, but what about ART?

I did think about the ART’s but I seem to remember hearing somewhere that the company had gone under.
There’s a set of the ART cans on e-bay at the moment, but the seller is wanting the same price for a second hand set of cans as what I can get a set of new Lsaers for!
By the way is that the Z1000 that I’ve seen outside the shop in Fulham?

Yep it is, Foxy used to work there. Bullet it’s called, a rather interesting boutique style bike shop, more exotic than regular, worth a dig-around if only out of curiosity.