Large Kappa Top Box - K960

I’m selling a K960 44ltr Monokey top box. It fits 2 full face helmets in, and I’ve got a pretty big head. It’s used so has a few very minor marks, but it looks in good overall condition & works perfectly.

I’m moving to the States in a month so have to get rid of quite a few bike bits & pieces. PM me if you’re interested.


Hi, my name is Keith and I would like to buy your topbox, I live in London and is it stikll for sale ? if so can you give me you contact details, many thanks.

Good news and bad news here Keith

The bad is the original post is over three years old :w00t:

The good news is I have a large top box for sale :Wow:

Its a two full face helmet size complete with two keys, fitting plate and a reinforcing bracket set, you’ll need a universal type rack or carrier to mount it on. It’s virtually new, just used for one tour of Scotland and now replaced with hard case panniers and a tank bag.

Yours for £35.00

I live on the far side but get down to London very now and again, should be in East London and Blackheath tomorrow afternoon/evening.

Here it is attached to a clean as it gets Bonne’