so im a laptop newbie…

i have a nice desktop that i put together myself for gaming but as far as laptops go…

i got my first laptop 2 weeks ago… sorted it all out and networked it to my home pc…

i was looking forward to a wireless nirvana !!

but theres the little point of battery life…

wtf is the point of wireless if you have to have the bloody thing pluged in to the power half the time!!!


Probably you have a desktop replacement, super hyper fast laptop, are you Adam?

My laptop runs for about four hours on average whilst using wifi. What one did you go for mate?

Also, talking of gaming, are you playing HL2:Episode 2? It’s very attractive :slight_smile:

I got Stephanie an HP Pavilion Laptop…with an AMD Turion 64 processor…and high end video card…19" montitor…DVD…the works. It’s wireless too…it is wicked nice…but…it will only run 3 hours on the battery…less if you are using it for video intensive tasks like watching a movie or playing a high end game.

She’s pleased with it so life is good. :smiley:

I dont know its just a laptop :slight_smile:

fujitsu simens… yeah it will run for 2 hours but come on!!! run for 2 hours plug it in for 6? the math is not right i tell you!!!

anyway its just a grumble still fun surfing in bed :slight_smile:

jay in still fully hooked on TF2 havent even tryed portal or hl2 E2…

Surely there are better things to do in bed… :w00t:

Just a wee tip re surfing in bed, be careful that you don’t block the fan up (if it has one) or you might end up frying it like a mate of mine did; he justified it by saying buying a new laptop every couple of months was still cheaper than having a girlfriend :hehe: :smiley:

My toshiba will hapily run for 2-3 hours but my old Sony Vaio used to die after 30 mins until I complained and the ent me an upgraded battery, its all about A/h

I’ve got a second battery for my Dell, I can get 4-5 hours of normal use, slots in place of the dvd rom. Takes an hour and a half or so to recharge.

you should have gotten the dell man
they are the best:D