Laptop batteries. Help?

Anyone here bought new laptop batteries recently?

If so, has anybody got a recommendation for a supplier?

(Acer want the better part of £250, no that’s not a typo, for the OE job)

ebay? i bought tom tom battery and installed it myself. wouldn’t expect a lap top to be any harder tbh.

I got a high capacity battery off ebay for…17 quid. It has doubled the life of the battery to around 6 hours of use when not plugged in. Winner!

Yeah, well, internet/ebay is the obvious answer, but from whom is the question.

Bought a new, “high capacity” phone battery last year from the internet. It’s bloody useless after one year.

One year of regular daily charge / discharge cycles is sadly about right for a lot of batteries. Was it NiMH or Lithium Ion ?

Try Amazon. Got a couple for laptops that were 2005 models, no problem.

This laptop is down to a 10 minute battery life so I guess I’ll just have to plump for something tomorrow, but thanks for the help.

Pah 10 minutes is plenty of time.

Sorry couldn’t resist that.

I know sod all about laptop batteries, but I have to express my admiration at your optimism in looking for long life ones at your age… :wink:

Pat I have every intention of outliving you now so reflect and weep.

We’ll join you OG. Solidariry in oldies is required.

You’re welcome to try - but in the interests of fairness I should point out that I’m immortal! :cool:

+1 :smiley:

Looks like LB has it’s very own ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ team!

OK, so which one of you is Compo & who get’s to play the LB Nora Batty love interest? :hehe: