lands end to john o groats

on the 28th/29th june me and two friends on kawasaki zephyr’s are going from lands end to john o groats for cancer research uk.we r hoping to raise £5000 pounds doing the run and all money raised will be going to the charity.ive never done anything like this before and never been to john o groats so why not raise money for going there.if u feel u would like to sponser me and my mates go to…… many thanks

Good luck and donation given.

Are you gonna post up the route your taking, and can people tag along for a short bit to show support ?

i hadent thought of posting up a route as i think we will be going m5 to m6 and not near london.the other two doing it come from brum so we will meet on route on the fri.rob is doing the main planning but as soon as i know i will post it up…thanks for the sponsorship five zero much apreacheated

All on zephyrs ?, well i couldn’t not sponsor could i ,plus its a charity i support as much as poss. good luck, full report on the forum when its done i hope?.

thanks for u r donation zeph thats a real nice gesture.

well just got back from the run.the first day going to lands end was very wet and the hardest thing i have ever done.going from stevenage to bristol to meet the other rider then on to lands end,it just seemed that when we left bristol it never stopped raining till we got back to bristol from lands end and i had deep thoughts about carrying on with the run.after bristol it seemed to brighton up and we stayed the night in birmingham.2nd day we ran from birmingham to stirling for lunch then on to john o groates,from inverness up to the top the roads get very twisty and the scenery is fantastic and its hard not to look around at the scenery and concentrate on the roads.we got to john o groates at 1945 and by the time we found were to log out the shop had shut so we had to return on the sunday.we should have raised over £2000 and covered 2000 miles so the trip was worth it in the end.a fantastic trip that turned out to be easier than i imagined but i dont think i will be doing it again for a while

Well done mate, cant say i would fancy it myself, are you thinking about getting a bike with a fairing now ?:wink:

its a good run , did it in may but the rain held off for most of it , a faired bike does make it more comfortable :slight_smile:

the bike went well no problems at all but i cant see me riding a faired bike.but i will be getting the seat re padded though but i dont plan on doing it again soon.

try these they are the mutts nutts