Landmark birthdays. (What, again?)

O.K. Got one of those coming up next spring, as have a couple of friends. Well 7, but only 3 and me count.

The suggestion has been made that an event is organised next year to mark our collective passage of time and it has been agreed, in principle, that this should be an “old men behaving badly” long weekend/week experience. (That didn’t take long.)

Working date is the summer solstice week or long weekends either side of that. No reason, just seems appropriately random. For once, money is not a huge issue, fitness and stamina now are. (You can only delude yourself for so long.)

So: The group will consist of:
An ex motorcycle journalist/tester.
A not quite yet retired Town Planner/ex moto crosser.
An ex Architect, still casual, motorcyclist.
A still working child protection Social Worker, street-moto riding, head banger.

Event requisites:
Easy access to real ale.
Easy access to decent evening meals/decent beds.
To have a motorcycle element somewhere.

A couple of half decent suggestions from the small group so far, but not quite on the money.
Any suggestions?

(Remember you are talking of a bunch of crumblies, but things such as an off road riding skills course are not out of the question here, neither is the trip to Guernsey/rent a bike/explore.) Lake District would be good I think . Plenty ale round there .