Land speed record.......................

1948 STYLE

On a cool Monday morning on Sept. 13, 1948, Rollie Free lifted from Harley Davidson the US national motorcycle speed record by riding the first Vincent HRD Black Lightning racing motorcycle to a speed of 150.313 m.p.h. When Rollie’s leathers tore from early runs at 147 mph, he discarded them and made a final, heroic attempt without jacket, pants, gloves, boots or helmet.


black1949 Vincent.JPG



Was he the man who went on to invented fairings, per chance?

again I wish to draw the dishonorable gentlemen’s attention to : and bottom right hand corner for Trailer

My respects to the man!

looks good, oldie but might be a goodie

no leathers hay??? all he needs is a hoodie and baggy jeans

Pretty impresive stuff…