Lanarchy 34 - Watford - 23rd May

Lanarchy 34

* 10am Saturday 23rd May *

See Promo Vidio

If any of you have been to a Lanarchy event before will know how things work. We like to have competitions and we’ll be playing CSS, TF2, CoD4, maybe CoD5, perhaps a little UT3, and maybe an RTS game like DoW2 or CoH will sneak in some playing time too.

Lanarchy events do now have an internet connection, but it’s not great so please make sure your steam games are up to date and run in offline mode.

The event will start at 10am and go on until 10pm as usual. There is free parking right outside, and with it being only 3 or 4 minutes from both the M25 and M1, it’s a nice easy venue to get to from most of London and the Midlands.

The Costs

A full day of fun with the Lanarchy peeps is only £12 payable on the door. If you want to save a little, you can pay £10 in advance using a variety of methods.

LAN Payments are non refundable or transferable.


Lanarchy have recently been sponsored by INX Gaming, who will be offering up -

32 slot for 6 months,
16 slot for 3 months,
and 12 slot for a month

You can choose from any of the clan servers INX host

There will also be a play £20 Gift Voucher up for grabs.

Feedback Received

While we cannot guarantee you a great day, almost everyone leaves telling us they had a fantastic time. See what some others have said about our events -


Wondering how far you would have to travel? Check out the address of our venue -

St Marks
Leggatts Way
WD24 5NQ

We already have 15 of the 32 spaces filled (at time of posting) so if you’re interested post in this thread, or better still, come over and post in the Lanarchy forum thread.

I’m up for this. Just got back into CS:S, only have that and HL2DM though.

Damn, I always forget to subscribe after posting…

Cool. We’re also looking to put together a Clan for a couple of games a week. Reg on our forum if you’re interested at all :slight_smile:

Should I put you down for the LAN as confirmed?