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Guess it’s the risk you run parking a car like that on the streets.

£20k damage? Don’t think so! At worst some paint touch-up, surely? Not cheap, but not £20k. probably more like a grand if done by a Lambo dealer, hence the court fine.

Imagine if it was your bike though eh?

Measly amount of money, only a grand!!

I’d be livid if he did that to one of my cars. He should have been made to pay for all the damage.

But he was, surely? How much damage could that do? Mind you, I guess IF the roof was all Carbon Fibre, then he might have cracked that, and for sure that would be much more than a grand.

A grand is nothing in a paint shop. Panels are not meant to be trodden on either :pinch: Possible bonnet replacement, roof reskin, engine cover may have broke if plastic, thats not mentioning paint :crazy:

A local BMW dealer to me charges 600 quid to paint a scratched roof :slight_smile: I’m cheaper though :wink: