Lamborghini anyone?




Oh dear even though im thinking of saying stick to cars i have this weird voice in my head telling me to buy one WHAT HAVE I DONE!!!

That has got to be in my top ten ugliest bikes ever!

yer I would agree with that comment

shouldnt this be posted in the Fugly thread

its so ugly but i want one due to the fact its a lambo

its not my colour lol

So last century

Styling cues from Paso and RF900 there

What do you get if a Ferrari Testarossa gets shagged by an early VFR…?

If they shagged near a reactor you might get this.

Trust me, it didn’t look much better in red either.

how about black at night with a sheet over it in a locked garage buried deep underground below a lake filled with concrete and a tribe of horny women stoping any one getting to it then how dose it look? i still want the lambo bike stickers tho they make you quicker lol

That`s bloddy horrible.

It looks like me, stace and matt have sat on the pillion seat all at once.

i agree!


I bet it’s quick though


I bet it’s quick though


I bet it’s quick though