Lambeth Bike Parking (lack of)

first off this is not related to NTBPT :Whistling:

it has to do with the lack of parking spaces in Lambeth.

I dont know how many of you work there but there are little to no parking places there. Made worse by the fact that the people that manage the ‘MoreLondon’ buildings have decided not to allow bikes to park in their underground parking (well they allow it if your company is willing to pay 1.000 a year for your bike!! wtf!)

what do you guys do (those that work there) ?

Is there anything we can do? has anything been tried (by MAG etc) ??

Your best bet is to ride around and have a look for on street bays. Lambeth do have them but they tend to be on side roads.

Don’t bother looking at their website (I doubt they;ve improved it) you’d be better off looking at the inside of a Kit Kat wrapper - it will give you the same info but at least you smell the chocolate…

Lambeth doesn’t produce a map of bays on the website but I have called them before and if you give them a street they will tell you of bike bays nearby…

Is this MoreLondon by Tower Bridge? If so it’s actually in Southwark! I agree that the motorcycle parking is a nightmare round there. I had to go near there for 8 weeks, I gave up on finding a space and went on my push bike, even finding somewhere to put that was a chore. You’re probably better off heading away from the river near Guys hospital or the other side of Tower Bridge round near Butlers Wharf. A pain in the a*se if you’re in leathers and carrying a lid. If you do park on the street be careful there’s been lots of bike thefts in this area. Good luck!

I work in More London but as we’ve got a whole building, we’ve got the parking to go with it. There are bays round here though, 2 on Tooley Street in fact. You ideally need to get to them by about 8:30am though, otherwise they tend to be fairly full.If you’re coming down Tooley Street from the London Bridge end (I know it isn’t strictly possible if you’re coming from south of the river, but bear with me), the first is on your right after the London Dungeon. The second one is further down on your left, just past the road-side entrance to Potters Fields and opposite a pub called The Bridge Lounge.

There are quite a few other bays round the back streets (e.g. on Bermondsey Street), but then you’re looking at a 10 minute walk to More London.

Hope that helps, but give me a shout if you want me to scope it out any further.

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