Lads Night Out!!! 13th October


A night out on the town, a chance to meet other laddy bikers and generally have a good time…

Date: Friday 13th October

Venue: To be decided but will NOT be the same as the ladies, just nearby maybe we’ll bump into them later? Maybe?

I’m gunna say West End maybe? followed by a club?

Time: 6.30 pm
Venue: To Be Confirmed
Dress Code: Smart casual, trainers aren’t advised, or bike boots or knee sliders

So who is up for this??? Anyone who has been out with me before knows it usually gets messy and doesn’t end till early hours

So far we have…

  1. Wiggy
  2. MacP (checking diary)
  3. Trigger
  4. SVStreetfighter (Paul)
  5. Adam M
  6. Smiled (Shane)
  7. Westie
  8. Charly
  9. Ginger (Don’t forget your I’D )
  10. Barro
  11. Terry
  12. Danno
  13. Trojan (Dependant on shift patterns)
  14. Buelligan
  15. Flatout (Simon)
  16. Chuffster
  17. OliOrchard
  18. CityCbr (Damian, depending on something about NewYork)
  19. Jod89Cbr (aka The Goat) Bleat…
  20. JohnyBusa
  21. JuggerBaut (Adam)
  22. KwakedUp
  23. City CBR’s mate from SA
  24. Adamsky
  25. Vegas
  26. BigSV
  27. Adam M
  28. TDM

I need to check the date - but I am up for this!!!

Good show

I see you are being inundated with replies

It should be fun for you two to hang together

Go on then, I will come along, haven’t been on a bender in London for a few years

I’m in!

Gonna book the next day off work this time, instead of rolling in at 13:30 feeling, well, a bit

can we go to a strip club?


too bluddy right im up 4 this mate…!!!

scratch me in mate…

and im with adam on the strip club suggestion!!!


ooh well i would love to come along"!, i might try and get to the girls one as well, hehe !

Your always in …you drink so much alcohol that if you caught light you,d burn for a fooking month !!!




Now theres another surprise

Wiggy, that’s fine, I’m sure us ladies (not sure I see myself as a lady, thoughts of ‘Little Britain’ spring to mind :ermm give permission for you lads to have a night out too.

I’m sure that you boys will end up creating your own strip club - especially if Ginger is going (I’ve heard about your antics Ginge).

Hee Hee should be interesting… if they are gonna be stripping off,make sure we have had a few drinks first… makes it bit easier on the eye


Yes it’s a slow starter but surely it’s about quality not quantity


Seeing as Myself/Charly/Ginger have images of ourselves in varying states of undress on LB, surely it’s time we saw what the laydays have to offer £5 a dance?


Sexy Squid - hahahaha, nice

£5 for a dance? Don’t know what clubs you go to Mr Wig

Yup put me down!

I can guess…

well if your going strip clubbing i certainly aint letting my Ty join you when he comes home from being away for 4 months at sea!!! nelly no