Ladies tool kit . .


womens tool kit.jpg

i showed the ex missus the picture, yea she used the hammer.

thats why she’s the ex missus!!!


You do us girlies a disservice, well some of us - at least I use the back of a spanner as a hammer!

Recently had to hack out an air-brick hole in the wall of a house. Found a piece of old copper pipe in the garden to use as a masonry chisel, somehow got my hands on a f**k-off big wrench which made an awesome hammer. Took about 3 hours to get about half way through. Then the gas man said “Is that why you’ve taken so long? If I’d known you could have borrowed my (proper) masonry chisel and a mallet.” Took about 10 minutes to finish off. B****rd!

So do get your hands on the proper tools for the job. Have discovered imperial spanners (remember? Old Triumphs?) don’t quite fit on metric fittings. Very frustrating.

Is this better for you CM, someone brought it for Sue for her birthday this year