Ladies ride-outs - Suggestions & Ideas


As you may be aware, the plan is to have a ladies only ride-out once a month, generally on the second Sunday of each month. Sometimes this may be changed, if there are other activities taking place, e.g., British GP or BMF shows.

The idea behind the ladies only ride-out is to give the ladies a more leisurely environment to improve their group riding skills, as well as have a longer range riding experience without having to be in top gear throughout the ride simply to keep up with the group.

All rides depart from a convenient location, most likely from the Ace. Other meeting points will be added en-route if need be so that if we’re heading south east, those living there already can join us in that direction. For normal one-day rides, we’re aiming to depart around 9.30am - 10am, and be back for afternoon tea.

The idea is to plan the routes so that all lady bikers are able to join us, from small bikes to larger ones. If we have a large number of riders of different engine sizes and/or experience levels, the group may be split into two who would be following a different route but end up in the same destination at the same time. The larger bikes would be taking a longer, more challenging route and the smaller bikes or less experienced riders would take a shorter and slower route. There will always be a non-motorway route to any destination for those of us who don’t want to or cannot use motorways, in fact, we’re hoping to avoid motorways completely.

Every month, either myself or Weaver will open a thread for the following month’s ride-out; please use that thread to say if you’d be able to come. When the thread is posted, we already have a route in mind, which of course, can be changed should there be something people wanted to see/do in another destination. Once the route is finalised, we’ll PM that to those ladies wanting to participate. The route is not posted on the site; this is to ensure no outsiders will join us to spoil our fun.

The routes are planned by our own Routemaster, Michelle (aka Mike, aka “m9performance”). He has extensive knowledge of roads around the capital and further, and has very kindly offered his services as a route planner and escort to ensure smooth and safe run for all. He has a rota of six/seven other honourary ladies at his disposal to provide this escort service.

The idea is, at least at the start, to have at least two escorts: one leader and one sweeper. Should the group be fairly large, we’ll possibly have another one or two escorts. All escorts are very experienced and mature, and are personally vouched for by Michelle, Weaver and myself.

Most ride-outs will be one-day rides, but we are also thinking of overnight visits or (long) weekends, including a trip to the Continent. Belgium, with its chocolate, has been mentioned… For these, we will aim to give two months’ notice, as they will be more expensive than the one-day rides, but we expect commitment, as we will probably incur costs in booking trains/ferries/hotels.

Please use this thread to throw in your ideas and suggestions. If there’s a place you’d like to visit but have not got round to yet, especially on your own, throw it in, and we’ll see if it’s doable and if enough ladies would be interested. If there’s an activity you’d like to be incorporated in the ride-out (especially a weekend one), again, use this thread to mention it.

If you’re a bit shy in putting your ideas forward, please feel free to PM either myself or Weaver with your ideas, and we’ll post them up for you.

So far, we have ladies wishing to visit the following places:

  • Bath, either as a day trip or a spa weekend

  • Fishbourne Roman palace in Chichester

  • south coast in general

  • Cornwall

  • the twisty roads of Wales

  • northern France

  • Belgium

  • Hadrian’s Wall

  • Lake District

  • South West coast

Activities suggested include:

  • rock climbing

  • archery

  • stunt lessons

  • off road riding

  • basic motorbike maintenance/emergency roadside repairs

  • advanced riding lessons

  • horse riding

  • first aid

Anything/anywhere else you’d like to do, Ladies? Here’s your chance!

Nice idea Paivi, good luck!

Come on girls, more ideas & suggestions please… Don’t just settle for what we decide, this is for you, so if there’s anywhere you’d like to go or anything you’d like to do, let us know.

My good that’s so nice! Makes us boys feel behind eh? …

I am sorry , I’ll try and think, but my head is empty!

I can recommend a run over to Banbury nr Oxford but going via Aylesbury and Buckingham. Very lovely A and B roads all the way!

Paivi - so many great ideas there I really can’t think of any more suggestions!

Oh, come on, I’m sure you can think of something or somewhere…

I ride alot of routes south of London to the coast and know most of the A roads and could organise a ride out with another peeps, if help is needed:-

A272, A281, A29 are all good roads

Brighton or Hayling Island in the summer is always a good trip out, for fish and chips and/or a laze on the beach

Cotswolds roads are a blast as no traffic altho watch out for those pesty grass cutters hiding round corners

I organise a monthly rideout from Bagshot - where Surrey, Berks, Hampshire collide, 2 mins from M3 J3, 5 mins from M25.

It is a friendly and non intimidating Rideout - ‘not’ macho thrash. Anyone (male/female) riding whatever (sports to custom), no matter how experienced (6 months to 60 years) is more than welcome to come and join in this social gathering.

Please see my seperate ‘Monthly Rideout from Bagshot’ posting in the Rideout specific section. I hope to see some of you female riders attending (e.g. Scarer will be there this Sunday for the Rideout to Box Hill); the world would certainly be a sadder place without you ladies wot ride!