Ladies Night Out!!! 13th October

Care to explain? No, then again, maybe not thanks

he is talking about a spit roast chicken LF…

what were you thinking about??

No idea what Charlie is referring to…
I’m far too innocent to understand unless it’s something to do with KFC’s slogan…


So ladies it appears we will be going out on our own and then meeting up with the lads later that evening…

who else is going to be joining us???

and it is starting to look like it will be friday the 13th!

you cant get that drunk surely!!!

Why are we meeting with the lads if they are organising their night out??

I thought it was a girls night out

Ty will be back and i will be on my back!! for a month!

not unless he wants to go to the boys night out down the road…i will let you know

(…then them young whipper snappers will learn how to drink like a deep sea diver man…so thats their entertainment sorted…they have been warned!!! ) …and i have to carry the bu**er home!

I am sure he will be welcomed by the guys

cos at the moment only four of them going - gotta feel sorry for them…

well after reading where and what they will be doing!..(strip clubbing)…i will not be letting him off the leash after being away for 4 months at sea…will i !!!

sallee - they aint gonna go there if they meeting us up after - not enuf time…

oh dear . maybe they’ll all try and sneak into the girls night out and wear wigs? who was it, who has a blonde wig? CityCBR and Meeks???

i have never met meeks unfortunately we seem to keep missing one another…

and i dont think anyone will mistake CityCbr for being anything other than a guy…

no one is forcing anyone to meet anyone ChocFawn.

Afew lads will be out in London that night, if you want to join us later then that’s cool, if not, just stay with the girls all night, no big issue.

I was of the opinion that the majority of us would be up for meeting later on, sorry if I misread that?

Haven’t met Meeks either, yeap, don’t think CityCBR would pass for a lady either. No amount of make-up would help, me thinks. He can hang around though as eye candy , I don’t mind.

Are we allowing male eye candy to hang around the sidelines on our night out? I know this is sad, but I can’t help it, honest.

Maybe a little later…

I think you need to convince CityCbr to join the lads then!!!

No! I have absolutely no pity

The strippers will keep them company

Oi Wig I was joking

right enough of this

Ladies - Please sign up for what promises to be a really good night

Lads - get your other halves to join us and sign yourselves up for the lad’s night out! - same night!!

Yeah Ive made that mistake !!