"Ladies Night II - Revenge of Ladies Night"

We are pleased to announce . . .

“Ladies Night II - Revenge of Ladies Night” :smiley:

at the Hanger Lane branch of Infinity on Monday 7th July between 6pm & 9pm

We are delighted to confirm that Maria Costello, the fastest lady around the Isle of Man TT circuit, http://www.costelloracing.com will be joining us and journalist Emma Franklin of Ride Magazine will be be here to do a feature on the evening.

We will also be holding a charity Auction & a Raffle to raise money for Breakthrough - the Breast Cancer Charity http://www.breakthrough.org.uk/

Look forward to seeing you ladies on the night.

Fellas, sorry but if you wanna come too then you have to bring a lady with ya :stuck_out_tongue:

Stuck it on my calendar Jonny, see you there. :slight_smile:

HANG ON!!! … I’ve just realised you mention an ‘AUCTION’ … Mark’s BANNED from coming!!! :pinch:

Now now, Ange…bet thats not what you say indoors ;)Oh, and its marked in my calendar as well JZ

Put the kettle on, I’ll be there :smiley:

So bloody sexist ;):w00t:

Slim theres nothing to stop you going to this in ya sussies n high heels instead of your special club you know, :slight_smile: