Ladies Leathers - Arlen Ness

I’ll be looking to get some new leathers in coming months and I have my heart set on Arlen Ness. I’ve not seen any ladies leathers by them though - anybody know or seen anything?

I don’t really want to buy mens and have them altered.

Doesn’t look good :frowning:

Try Berik…Same company I believe.

lol, cheers Afro. I really want Arlen Ness though, not Berrick :cool:

Why not get BKS to make you a set

if they good enuff for toseland hey :cool:

Give them an email, all they can say is no…

Contacting Us
Arlen Ness Enterprises
6050 Dublin Boulevard

California 94568

Phone: 925-479-6350
FAX: 925-479-6351
E-Mail: [email protected]
Hope this helps :smiley:

Actually, I reckon that’s a good idea.

Since they have a category on their site for women’s leathers, then maybe they’re working on something.

Thanks Clinton - I’ll give them a call :slight_smile:

Ladeez leathers…


Just spoke to Arlen Ness and although very helpful the best they could offer me was some chaps :w00t:

What and you didn’t bite their hand off at the offer :w00t:

Weren’t your type eh? :wink:

lol, not quite what I had in mind!!

What about the dainese ladies range?M4 Div Lady:


Dainese Yu Lady

Yeah, looks like it’ll have to be Dainese or Furygan as it aint gonna be Arlen Ness :crying:

Although I Tecknic do some nice ladies leathers too :slight_smile:

Hmmm I have my eye on some of the Furygan stuff, burffday pressie :smiley:

For long term build quality Furygan win, for everything else style, a quality fit, sex appel and looking good while crashing etc you know the important things, Dainese kick arse. :cool: