Ladies Leather Jacket

I bought this jacket from ebay for £70 but it’s a bit small for my ample assets!

The seller claimed it had beed worn about 6 times and I can confirm it’s in great condition. All the zips and fasteners work and there are no marks or scuffs.

It’s by Richa, black, blue and grey/silver and size 18. It’s a snug 18 and when I put it on it rendered me unable to breath, lol.

Will sell for £70.


Jacket Back.JPG

Jacket Front.JPG

Same as mine minus the blue. there lovely jackets

It is a lovely jacket - I’m gutted it’s too small

Aww nice one Shel, but ive got too many still, and thats with selling a leather RST suit, and F Thomas winter coat, 3 pairs of leather trs, 1 pair of joe rocket winter ones, one pair of FThomas boots…err…oh and a pair of RST gloves…still got 2 other pairs of boots, 2 other sets of leathers, 2 other pairs winter trs, 1 other pair leather trs, and 1 other leather joe rocket jkt, and oh, too many pairs of summer and winter gloves !!!..still aint enough…l want arlen ness suit !!! WHAT??? Well, a woman cant have enough of a good thing !!! (biking gear, gutter brains, biking gear!!! how very dare you!!!)

Loved to darling, but blue will not go with my long terms aims for a bike.

Blade, summer gloves??? are you still in the market? Mine need chucking.