Ladies...ever been mounted at traffic lights

Rev’s Up, Clutch out fast and dump him off the back. I would have simply nutted him hard. Not on at all and should be classed as harrasment.

Do I gather that this happened on a 125cc bike while you were out practicing? If so, I would imagine you are less likely to have someone do this to you if you’re on a larger bike.

Yep, on my 125. Guess I had better hurry up and pass and get a bigger bike then! :slight_smile:

Man this sort of stuff really makes me angry, good for you for managing to keep the bike upright. I probably would have taken off, and given them a bit of a ‘ride’, but then this is easier with a bigger bike.

should have given him a sexy eye look, said, climb aboard big boy, gone up to about 40 mph, then slammed on the brakes while snapping your head back. Would have at least given him a bloody nose if not a nice concusion!

I couldn’t believe it at borough last Wednesday.

I was standing by Broady’s bike talking to him when a “Random Drunk Bloke” walked traight up and wanted to get on Broady’s bike.

He was very persistant and credit to Broady he kept his cool but it was beginning to melt;) .All i could think was in a minute this bloke is gonna be face down in the road with his arm up his back:w00t::D:D

Im with Elad, this kind of behaviour gets me angry too. There is just no need for it, it would never have happened 10 years ago.

Personally, witnesses or not, I would have nutted him as hard as I could with the back of my Arai, then whilst hes wondering whats happened, accelerated away as fast as I could.

A bit of gravel rash on his arse would soon teach him the error of his ways!

hmm problem being if u did nut him/punch him and he didnt come off…or he did come off and took the bike down with him and you, what would happen then? although the guy deserved pain and aching for what he did, i think u handeled the situation in the best possible way …especially coz he had mates with him…

good luck for ut test when it come round :smiley:

Yeah, well done on keeping upright under pressure. I’d say, be ready to move at lights - especially if you’re aware of the light timings. Don’t assume the driver behind won’t shunt you and you should see idiots trying to climb on your bike that way.

What an a$$. I think you did the right thing to keep your cool. However tempting it is to grab his nuts or knock him with the helmet (watch out for damaging your helmet though), you never know what you get into. The last thing you want is some nutter pushing you and your bike over when there’s a load of traffic.
I agree, it probably wouldn’t happen on a bigger bike, and I doubt it’d happen if there was other bikers near you.
It’s just one of these things, I’m sure Karma will get back to him, you just have to think your better than that and not engage.

The friendly nods and nice chats with the comunity will make more than up for it.
Only last week I had a 30 minute conversation with a really old Jamaican guy I never meet before when I was parking up and he started to tell me about “his days” when he was racing his bike through town … priceless!

That’s dreadful and I am very sorry that has happened to you, what a total arsehole. :angry:It really makes me angry when people do things like that, because its dangerous - and I can imagine it must have been very scary too. But don’t let it put you off.

That has never happened to me at traffic lights, but have had people yelling stuff sometimes and male car drivers racing me (and overtaking and braking in front) because I think some of them feel threatened by a lady on a big bike. :frowning:

I just perfect the hand singles when drivers try and act up - the ‘******’ sign is good, as is the ‘small willy’ sign, but you have to be confident of a quick getaway when using that one :stuck_out_tongue: and maybe not such a good idea when you have an unwanted nutter of a pillion

I hope nothing like that happens again, if so inform the police of the incident.

So many young [email protected] around on the streets these days… I was riding down a road in my area last week and a group of lads (the type that spend all day sitting on those green electric street boxes) just walked out onto the road about 8 metres infront of me, all giving me the eye ball while I was doing around 55-60mph… thing is I kept going, they soon painted their trousers brown and jumped out the way! :smiley: The look on their faces when they realised I wasnt gonna stop, it was brilliant!

Reminds me when I rode my scoot. There were some kids in the neighbourhood (8-12 year olds) who would alway stand in the road if they heard me coming around the corner. It’s a very slow corner (very sharp), I usually would just swerve around them and they’d feel good. One day after having a sht day at work, I really couldn’t be bothered. The little sht’s face got paler and paler as I got closer. They never did it again :slight_smile:

Any suggestions for the contents of the carrier bag under the cargo net?

It’s got to be low value and something innocuous but very uncomfortable.

My suggestion is some golf balls bought from a charity shop.

Pet porqupine



disagree completely :(, he wanted to humiliate you, but ended up looking a fool of course :wink:
he was a low life piece of merde not fit to be wiped off your shoe

find an old pair of football boots with studs intact even the astro turf ones would be good enough

Golf shoes!

Firstly, what a prat, secondly I used to get this from drunk girls in the westend, most blokes would like that and on occasion I did.

I suggest a quick start followed by a quick stop and let them smash their own face into the back of your lid, timed with a swift back butt and a broken nose is well on the cards, just be away quick as his mates would be on it fast.

"Ladies…ever been mounted at traffic lights " :smiley: :smiley:

by the way I have never heard of this happening in my 12 years of riding