Ladies...ever been mounted at traffic lights

My instructor never warned me about this! Was waiting at traffic lights when a bunch of lads crossed the road behind me. Suddenly my bike lurched to one side and I realised one of them was clambering onto the seat. The bike nearly went over as I had my foot up on the brake. Luckily I managed to get my foot down in time and grabbed the front brake as was on a slight hill. He then started bouncing around as I fought to keep the bike upright. His mates egging him on from the pavement didn’t help matters. The lights changed and he wouldn’t get off despite my shrieks. The car drivers behind me started to beep their horns but this didn’t put him off. Then he told me I was beautiful and started slobbering on my helmet. I would have given him an armoured elbow in the ribs if I wasn’t battling to keep the bike upright. Eventually he got bored and joined his mates on the pavement. I don’t think he meant any harm but I would have been gutted if my bike went over.

Ladies, I haven’t been riding long, is this a usual occurrence? For future reference how do I get rid of unwanted potential pillions. Is there a “touch my bike and you die” stare that I need to learn? Side mounted flame throwers? Special biker martial art moves? Shrieking has no effect it seems.

If your bike does not have a removable/coverable pillion seat why not try attaching something on to it with a net, ie a bag, so they could not get on. (Better if it was something spiky) - just an idea

Try accelerating away as fast as possible - with a bit of luck you can throw the fukker off and let him slide on the tarmac to help remove a few layers of skin !

Fkin kids!:crazy:
If only you knew how to wheelie, you could have popped one, dumped the unwanted baggage and sped off.

Perhaps just a sharp, backwards flick of the neck/ head would have been enough to let him know the score.

+1 About covering the seat. I don’t use my spare seat so I always put the seat cowl on. Can you do this with your bike?

yeah or a well aimed elbow in the b*llocks
what a d1ck head

I cannot remove the pillon seat as it is one of those all-in-one seats but covering it with a bag is an excellent idea!!!

Yep, if there weren’t so many witnesses around this would have been the best course of action :smiley:

If you can’t be bothered to keep putting a bag on it, use the cargo net idea with something under it :slight_smile:

:smiley: Yep don’t think he would be hassling any more bikers after that!

fuggiing twat…

i would love t have pulled up next to you…and dragged him off!

get a cargo net, sticj an old jumper under it, should stoo it, failing that pull away…very quickly:D

I am going with the learn to wheelie option, quick wheelie when the little sh1t wasn’t ready would soon have him off your bike.

c’mon girl. ain’t that hard :slight_smile:

wlodek_1980 (01/06/2008)

c’mon girl. ain’t that hard :slight_smile:[/quote] :smiley: Right its cargo net shopping and wheelie school for me!

Wongster (01/06/2008)

wheelies are easier with tins instead of veggies in that net of yours :smiley:

even with witnesses you’d have been alright to have sped off or nutted a crazed loon that jumps you at the lights.

You reckon? I was worried he would try to get me done for assault or something! That is good to know if it happens again (hopefully it will not happen again with my cargo net plan in place).:slight_smile:

I rode round on a scooter for a few months after doing my CBT and never had any problems. The last few weeks I have been riding round on my CG125 to get myself up to scratch before my test in June. I get loads of friendly bikers nodding at me now :smiley: but seem to be attracting some non-biker nutters too!

If it happens again give em a good hard whack, or show them how fast a bike can accelerate and see if the dick can hold on.

Don’t worry about being done for assault or anything, what right does that person have to jump on your bike or harrassing you in any way? If anything you just say you felt threatened by the person, and were defending yourself and your property :slight_smile:


Good Luck for your test! Got mine a few days after you.

Thanks :slight_smile: Good luck with yours aswell in that case :stuck_out_tongue:

Be sure to let us know how it goes :wink: