Ladies Day Ace Cafe 20/08

Afternoon Guys and Gals !!

I plan on taking a few mates down to the Ace on Sunday for the " Ladies Day " and was hoping to ensure a bloody good turnout , does anybody know what time it is all supposed to start as I have looked on the Ace Website and no time is posted .

Hope the LB’ers will all make the effort as I would really like to meet more of the crew !!

Cheers ( and respect to little Haslam !!! )

Most things like that are an all day thing but i would have thought like most all day things there it dont usually get busy till lunch time on i may put in an appearance if work isnt too busy but that wont be till later on

What’s ‘ladies day’ all about apart from the obvious?

You all dress up as Ginger and eat whole “Cow Burgers” filled with Doughnuts and Ice Cream !!

its just a theme for the day the ace always has summin, to be honest it will just be the same as any other day, you may get some ladies riders organisation there

Thank you, just wondering.
Thought I might ride my bike whilst wearing a dress and high heels…

its in aid of womac!

a cancer organisation

and putting your make up on in your mirrors, and not parking your bikes correctly, whilst talking about flowers & perfume

Don’t forget boys in that!

oh yeah boys as well, thats why im going… im havin a devil of a time applying my foundation i would love some tips

I reckon the girlies there may just suggest a mask for you mate !


AAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, flats just took one in the chest…

You know I’m only teasing mate.

Im gonna get my username changed to “john merrick”