Ladies and Gents....lets go viral..........................

I was up untill 3 am finishing this off and i must say, my best work yet.
big thanks to Joby for sorting me out with some links for downloads ect…

pass this on to your mates…work mates…even ppl you hate at work ect…lol


lets see if we can’t make this go viral :smiley:

here she is…hope you like it:D


Shane, are you still obsessed with this bird??

Lol. that could chart. Now go hashtag it or whatever you twitterati do :stuck_out_tongue:

Cyber-bullying I think is what it’s called Shane :smiley: Time to move on mate and develop a more healthy crush on someone else …now, where is Kylie? :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL… Perfect lyrics… !!

I just put it on Twitter, and included her @ so she should see it :wink:

Shane you FARKIN GENIUS! :slight_smile:


In the OP :slight_smile:

God I hope you don’t get confused with Kony! :slight_smile:

EPIC !!!

think she’s going to be angry?:smiley:

can see the love on my twitter and facebook already peeps…keep up the work!!!hahahahaha:laugh:

My god that was brilliant!

Now to get sharing!

Smiled you got a twitter account so we can get “retweeting” or whatever the kids call it?

@Smiled_LB mate…thats my twitter :smiley:


just posted it on a couple of hunting forums and a sea fishing forum, classic mate

pidgeon shooting - cony

hunting - cony

fishing - cony

Great work steve…awesome mate…cheers!!!
bet she’ll see this by the end of the day…lol

108 views and counting,lol


don’t forget to tweet it as #cony #takemeout

I don’t watch Take Me Out for this reason…but lovin your work as always shane :smiley:

affraid the pidgeon forum removed it because it contained swearing:crying:
seems overs 18’s on a shooting forum get upset by that sort of stuff
still going strong on the other two though