LAA This Weekend & Future Fundraisers

Just to bring you up to speed with things:

Bucketeers tomorrow and sunday

Bucket shaking will be happening over the weekend in the Exchange Shopping Mall in Ilford. There is group of dedicated LBer’s for saturday and sunday. Our main task is stand at entrances and where the pay points are within the mall to get brown & silver money - even notes and to shake those buckets like they’ve never been shaken before.

Jen @ LAA has arranged for a tombola stall to be run with prizes and the top prize being a flight in the LAA itelf. Its a £1 a ticket.

I hope that we can bring in a lot of money. If you are local to the area please pop by and support us.

I am truly grafteful for the LB volunteers help - it means to much to me.

Future events that they wil need help at:

July 6th and July7th: London-wide charity collections are being held over these two days to commemorate the 7/7 London Bombings and the work done by London’s Air Ambulance on that day.

I can’t get out that day so I am going to do a bake off at work (bake cakes and sell them to my colleagues) and the proceeds of that will go the LAA. Jen will be supplying me with money tins for this.

August 4th: Twickenham Rugby stadium for the England Vs Wales Investec Cup match (although we don’t get to watch the game) where they will need 22 collectors.

August 7th-11th: Beer Festival Earl’s Court where will will need at least 3/4 people manning the stall and collecting at any one one throughout the five days. Its free entry and also drinking is not permitted when holding the bucket - however you are more than free during “rest breaks” to quench ones thirst.
They really do need a lot of help and I hope that we can do more to support them.
Thank you

Aug 7th. Lou, did you mention the words beer and festival at the same time…mmmmmm beer!

Could work for me.

you also forgot FREE ENTRY!!

Stick me down for a day at the beer festival Lou, got to do your bit aint ya :wink:

I can do that Tezza - but you have to promise that you’ll turn up and raise some money for LAA before entering onto ‘rest breaks’!

stick us both down for any!! i will just have to work out when hes here or away!!! but i can do some again!!!