la corona es buena para el alma

Hey everyone,

Just found you all here and am looking to find likeminded people so signed up. Been riding since October last year and, as they say in the ad, "ba ba ba ba ba, i’m lovin it!. Have a CBR600RR and am still in one piece, just ! Yeah I do work for the Darkside but don’t hold it against me. So long as you stick to the speed limit I’m not interested. The speed limit is 13,500 rpm isn’t it ?


Hey Pete, welcome to LB! Post up some snaps of your ride in the Pictures forum, it’s tradition!


Cheers guys. If I did this right there should be a pic of my bike below.

welcome to the site

Hi and welcome to LB.

hey Pete, welcome to the site! even if you are a copper!

Cheers Goose,only when I’m working though

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hi and welcome to LB’s

Newbie meet next monday evening at the Ace, hope to meet you there


Hey! Welcome to LB! Honda CBR! Nice choice!

There’s the Newbie meet at the Ace on Monday and our new summer meet at Borough Market on Wednesday!

So see you around soon!

hiya, welcome to LB think i saw u mention you live near collier row? look out for me wobbling around that area on my CBR125

You wobble around when you are not on it

Welcome to LB Pete - nice bike

I do, i’m in Rainham for my sins but sometimes float though that way. I’ll be sure to stop and pick you up off the ground if I see you

yeh all that time in the lovenasium makes my legs bandy


Welcome pal see you soon

Spider was you down the Turpin on tues night ? i saw a spider bike thought might of been you

You at the turpin last tuesday… thanks for the invite!

LBC, I am in Grays… maybe see ya about fella.

Nice bike.

well you seem busy, here there & everywhere, didnt think you could fit the Turpin in