La Belle Francaise JUNE 2010

Yet again plans are afoot for a holiday to the Vendee region of France it will be 7 NIGHTS with KEYCAMPS and yes it is in the tents again.

At the moment if you book a 6 berth tent put 4 names down and order the linen pack the cost is approx £245 staying at La Tranche sur Mer campsite Bel.

It is 500 metres from the beach, 2 pools, gym, internet access etc most travel agents should have the keycamps brochure or use search engine to find it.

The area is North of bordeaux and Cognac isnt far plenty of booze :D:D

The deposit is only £50 to book the tent at 09 prices and if you split it 4 ways its just over £60 p.p for a weeks holiday in france with good food, roads and company.

Also will travelling via eurotunnel.

The distance from Calais is 430 miles so easily rideable in a day with stops on route for grub etc probably Le Mans area.

So come on people stick ya names up if your interested and lets get the Lb posse out and about next summer…gwaaan you know it makes sense :D:D:D

usual disclaimer applies its not a race, lb sponsered or anything like that just a good time :slight_smile:

It’s mid term, sorry can’t come to this one.

Have you sussed out the nearest Netto for supplies Uncle?;):smiley:

Just curious, uncle as in??? FESTER???

Yes Uncle supplies n booze sussed out :smiley: