L-plates - where to display them

I think I might have to buy new L-plates for my bike as my back L-plate is cracked on one corner, meaning it can end up at an angle, slightly obscured by my number plate. While the L doesn’t get covered by the number plate, I’m concerned that if I turn up for my test, it might not be deemed “legal” and I’ll lose my test and fee.

I’ve got an identical L-plate on the front of the bike minus the crack.

Does a bike have to display an L-plate on the front?

I’m also thinking of just gaffer-taping the rear L-plate in place - any problems with part of the tape going onto the number plate if it doesn’t go near the letters?

Simon :slight_smile:

You need them front and rear and, technically, you should not be covering up any of the white space. L-Plates are generally the size as dictated by law.

In reality, though, I’d have thought they’re not likely to make much of a fuss if you don’t cover much of it up. Many people hang them from punched holes.

One front and one rear of the proper size (7 inches square) … potentially 3 points and a fixed penalty notice for each improper/undisplayed plate.

People who cut down/away the white bit so they can stick it onto a panel/it “looks better” … don’t realise that if they are going to do that … they might as well just not display one as far as the penalty is concerned.

If I were you - I’d get a new one mate … only £1.50 and not worth it dropping off during your test and failing for something silly :slight_smile:

I’ve got a set of L plates which i never used, dealer put them onto my 125 even though i had a license. You’re welcome to them if you want.

Unless the law has changed recently I am pretty sure a missing or cut down L plate is 2 points not 3.

Thanks for the offer Raquib. I’ll grab some next time I’m near a bike shop though - it’ll be cheaper than the time, effort and p&p costs to get them to me. :slight_smile:

I think I would get the benefit of the doubt because the plates are still clearly visible, but I’m not going to take the chance for the sake of a couple of quid (or more if I got pulled by a cop having a crappy day)!

Thanks everyone for your feedback.

Simon :slight_smile:

You can probably pick them up from a petrol station if going to a bike shop would mean going out of your way :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t know where to look so far as law is concerned - but I was told at my CBT (last November) that you lose your certificate if you get 6 points … 3 points per plate and 3 points for not having your helmet fastened properly.

Could have been scare tactics but either way it’s not worth it.

it is 3 points per plate - dont risk it.

I’m usually at Borough meet so can drop it off if you’ve not got it by Wednesday. Let me know.

Cool - I haven’t been to the BMM yet - if I can make it, I’ll pm you before Wednesday - thanks again!

Simon :slight_smile:

No worries, let me know.