L Plater's!!

Hey all,Any L platers in the South East region (im in Farnborough) fancy meeting at a local pub then riding down to Eastbourne beach on a slow breezy cruise and grabbing an ice cream??

I’ve done the ride once already with a mate, we rode some fantastic scenic roads… it’s a very easy route and just right for L plate confidence building.

Bigger bikes welcome but with the roads were be riding on I know your be itching to twist the throttle on alittle bit more than we can… if you do come and disappear to the beach before us you automatically nominate yourself as ice cream buyer! ;):hehe:

Havent yet decided on a date yet as im looking to get some feed back first :smiley: Once date decided, blah de blah il post the rideout in the approriate section :cool:



hey mate, ive got my 125 and am cool with riding out. farnborough is a bit further from me, im in croydon! but eastbourne is south from me and south-east from you so maybe a lil meetup point inbetween could work?

i just google mapped it and places like leatherhead and reigate are sort of inbetween [although i dont know those areas at all, dunno if u do!] see where other L-platers/125’s are from and it should be cool.

o yeah would this be a saturday/sunday ride right?got work during week!

Did someone mention Ice Cream :smiley:

Hey, I’m from slough, i’d love to go but at the moment my cbr is at the insurance place (due to an accident) and i don’t really want to go all the way to farnborough on my scooter hire bike. But if my bike gets fixed before the ride-out i will come along.

HeroHonda i see that we have the same bike and the same colour scheme. :slight_smile:

Also, how long would it take to get to the beach? just out of interest. :slight_smile:


bikeless and ice creamless :frowning: is there any justice in the world???!!! sounds like a good iudea for a ride out sir yam! make sure u do it again after january lol

I am free again on Sunday for another tea and ice cream fueled run to the coast.

Might get the o/h out on this one

Enjoy yourselves. We will be riding through Norway so can’t join you this week:)

I’m well up for this - the sooner the better, before the good weather disappears yet again!

Arh man :crazy: I would have love to have got ‘the beast’ out for this one but I think you’re just bit too far away for me to meet up… never mind, next time you do a ‘L’ run make it to the other side of the M25 to you!!! ;):stuck_out_tongue:

The weather for Sunday is looking good again - dry, sunny and 19-21C.

Has anyone got a suggested route/meeting place etc?

hi im kazz and a newbie, just passed my cbt on my honda cbr125. im from croydon and am interested in some ride outs to gain my confidence. let me know the date and i will be there…:wink:

How about linking these 2 threads together (just in case anyone has missed one)