L Plated Scootah Alley ... also known as

Nine Elms Lane Vauxhall / York Road Battersea - From the Vauxhall one way sytem to the Wandsworth one way system…and beyond.

I hate this road at rush hour.

If the Police want to catch people in the ‘Bicycle Boxes’ (ASLs) this is the place to do it.

It is infested with L Plated Scootah/Ped tossers who you cannot leave behind because of the way the (seemingly) hundreds of traffic lights are phased.

Basically you leave one behind and the lights catch you 100m up - L Plated Scootah Tosser (LPST) sees his chance to show that although you can beat him on BHP he is much cleverer at getting ahead.

So the **** overtakes on the inside shaving your ankles, overtakes traffic turning right, goes the wrong way round bollards and islands, weaves in and out of the cycle lane, zooms over zebra crossings without looking and not only goes into the ASL the LPST shitehawk goes beyond it and has his back wheel over the second stop line…:angry:

Then the lights change - you zoom off and pass him and 100m down the road the lights change and the circus starts all over again…

Bloody Scootah alley - I hate it.