KwikFit MOT win win

Booked in 1430 out 1530 including complimentary coffee (any colour you like so long as its black)

£25.00 win

Paid via PayPal win

Happy Days

edit - Yes it was the car, The 250 goes into Autoenhance, Colchester £30.00 :frowning:

good to hear, my personal experience has been very positive (Uxbridge)

I’ve always had positive experiences at Kwikfit Hammersmith. MOT, tyres and tracking.

Meh, Berwin in Islington have beat that for a me last couple of times. Official open at 8am, but will usually take bike in spot earlier, No messing, MOT done before you can finish an espresso from poncy off-license-cum-coffee shop few doors down. £25, contactless, didn’t even have to press any buttons :-P  Back on bike, and in office South river by London Bridge before 9am. Sorted. 

kwik fit in lewisham replaced the exhaust on my wifes capri once. because they didn’t order the right part they cable tied it in place. won’t be using ‘kwik fit’ again

I won’t use kiwi fit
A few years back they had a Porsche in for new tyres and the fitters took the car out for a joy ride and killed a young toddler

worked for kiwi fit for years 99-2004 and let me say that sales tactics were illegal to say the least, national tyres all the way, i still go there for my oil changes to this day