Kwaker Fairy's are doing bad things...

They done this to my bike, be warned!



Wicked mate I like it!

Very funky indeed

mate if we get stuck down a one way street again at least they will see you coming with your bike like that lol Almost as bright as me yellow!

Very interesting… Looks sharp… Oh… and green!!!

lol, yea but there’s no way I’m turning my lovely Yamaha Racing Red in for Kwaker Green


Looks fantastic in green and you know it! Plus you’ll be faster in green


You don’t see many green Ferrari’s do you? Thats because we all know Red is the fastest colour!


I think thats yellow actually yellow ones look so good

Shuddit buy boy! Ordered your new specs?

Hennessy - lets not mix cars and bikes now but if you were to, think of the green lambo’s. Red is so last decade!

Now we’re talking about a colour though…

Shall I keep going?


and because we’re comparing we need a bike too…


No you’d better not go on.

Need some green m&m’s to feel better.

Yellow ferrari is the mutts nuts! Just like the yellow 916 is also better than the red one!

I also prefer red much more than bogey green! You lose snap your out voted

Floyd… Have we got to go through all of this again!!! Is It RED or YELLOW??? Or BLACK… seeing as the Blade has gone all stealth!!! Now what are we gonna do!!!

You can’t just change your mind Foxy Once you’ve said Red is the fastest colour you can’t go back… And I’m sure Cezar will agree about Black! lol


Not you as well foxy! Surely you know with green you will be a second a lap faster than all the other turds.

Not the colour thing again??? Come on guys you all know that the black is tghe fastest! Lets talk about real life, bikers like you and me… the Ghost rider , for example! Black bikes always!