Kwaka H2 SX

Anyone any experience of owning one? Any thoughts? Test rode one today - the DDBs. Lot of dosh though…

they are alot of money, but your minted :grinning::grinning::grinning: Have you looked at any vans yet?

Complimentary panniers available on 2018 Ninja H2 SX & Ninja H2 SX SE. Sounds like a good deal to me. Plus it’s supercharged. That’s super.

The weight might be too much for a van…hmmm.

Not looked in detail. Did email a supplier for a camper. We’ll see.

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Unless I was smashing it up and down the motorway I don’t think it would give anymore enjoyment over a S1000RR or similar litre bike.
Plus they are a lot lighter too.

Given the insurance quote is some way over £2k, it won’t be happening as a second bike…

£2k even for a pensioner living out in the sticks? :open_mouth:

Can’t see them selling many to us debonnaire Londoners then.

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Tried to find the sales stats on the H2 for 2018. Didn’t find anything but I did find the 636 stats. 140 sold last year. Would be surprised if the H2 sales figures got beyond that.

Nick if you want a second bike, I reckon a KTM superduke for you mate.
Sit up comfy, tourqy as hell, good fun!

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I keep coming back to that. Found a prereg one, have emailed to see if still available :slight_smile:light too, so much easier for geting in a van or on a trailer.

Did the deal yesterday on a 10 month old 790 Duke, 289 miles on the clock. Keeping the Kwaka for touring and rainy days…Pick her up on Friday.

Insurance was additional £125 - well happy with that, thanks Bennetts.

Cheers all for advice, tips, thoughts :slight_smile:


nice choice!