KWAK dealer, oh, and hello

Hi there, first post. some very interesting stuff on this forum.
Straight to my first question- as I have not been living in London for too long can anyone recommend a good kawasaki dealer for servicing. I’m not so bothered about distance (OK scotland might be a little far) but would be willing to travel up to 50 miles for a decent service.
Many thanks

Hello C, welcome to the community! I just wanted to welcome you, I can’t offer any recommendations, sorry, but I’m sure some others can, we have a strong Kawasaki following.

Hi there C,
Welcomr to the LB website, you will love it on here, a real bunch of friendly guys n gals, someone should chim in with a good place to service your bike in london, i’m not from london so can’t recomend anyone to you.
Don’t forget to post some pics of your bike in the members gallery.

There’s a Kwak dealer in Camden Town opp Quinns pub (jnc. Kentish Town Rd & Hawley Rd). I don’t know whether they’re any good … IMHO, there’s no such thing as a good dealer!

Good luck!

Hello and welcome. I get my Z750 serviced at Daytona in Ruislip ( I also bought and serviced my Ducati Monster with them but the Kawasaki is way cheaper I’m pleased to say. They seem like a good bunch of lads and I can’t fault any work they’ve done for me over the last 3 years. Pricing (post-Ducati!) has been reasonable too. My first 4000 mile service on the Z was only £98.

I’ve heard some horror stories about their sister company, HGB, but Daytona have always been good for me.

hello and welcome to the forum
hope you have a good stay
keep up with the good posts

Hi, welcome to the forum. As David said Daytona is quite a good place to go…

A few other good Kawasaki dealers:

Wheel Power - SW20
Colin Collins - Harrow (NW)
SuperBiking - Slough
Infinity Motorcycles - SW4

If you want more information just ask mate!


Hello and welcome. What kwak do you ride and more importantly is it green?

Hope this helps:

Thanks for the quick advice, and the welcome. I should have googled a little while before asking about dealers, but a personal recommendation is by far better than a website set up by a pro.

zx10r not green though.

Just wanted to say Hello and welcome to the site there C…

Welcome mate - more Kwaks the better I reckon, these Suzy fans keep ganging up with their stubby exhausts and fancy ways

My K is too old to worry about dealer servicing so I can’t comment on that, however the few dealings I’ve had with Daytona in Ruislip have been positive if that helps.

Every recommendation helps.
Has anyone heard of Steve Jordan Motorcycles? a mate of mine goes there, but I think he’s mainly suzuki… I’ll give him a call in the morning.
You guy’s are a jolly nice bunch, I’m feeling like I’m home already.

Just trying those smilies:-> :0

Yeah that one worked…