and now the world and his wife knows roughly roughly where it’s kept :frowning:

How would they know? 

How would they know? 


I could only guess that your either are a hermit & live in a wood 

or you took a photo of that stunning bike in the street you live 

None of these apply ;) 

Was admiring your back garden :deciduous_tree::deciduous_tree:


Typical KTM it keeps cutting out :wink:


Oh sweet Jesus! :heart_eyes:

Possibly last ride today; AliPali, Ace Cafe and Bike Shed, say Hi if you see me :D 

You done with road biking dude, know you were spending more time in the last few years on Mx? Lovely bike, shame I’m virtually at zero mileage these days and also scared crapless to leave one of these unattended anywhere…